Who’s Your Brand?


Minimal Art was born at the dawn of the 60’s in the United States. It claimed reductionism and neutrality. LESS IS MORE was its motto. Minimalism reveals a world, a story and a promise. But can we minimalize a brand? Designer Michal Krasnopolski created a grid with one rule: use clear lines only. Good news: famous brands can be minimalize as long as they offer a real life experience. Can you sketch the DNA of your brand? Dozens of posters here! and here!

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Movie Ride

Hardcore Henry

Hardcore Henry is a russian first-person shooter movie, the world’s first action P.O.V. film. Directed by newcomer Ilya Naishuller and shot with GoPros, the movie foreshadows what cinema rapidly becomes: a ride. Forget about the story: it’s all about sensations – like in Disneyland. Hardcore Henry pushes the limits way farther than Gravity or Revenant with a short budgeted video-gaming style flick and a story as thin as a slice of toilet paper and funny cliched characters. But who cares? The director delivers a graphic universe with tons of pop cultural influences as if Tex Avery met Jason Bourne somewhere in the suburbs of Moscow.

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Pre Cinema


History of Cinema or how to teach children its genesis in 5 minutes. Watch three clips exploring pre cinema, the first screening ever and a 100 years of films in 50 iconic shots.

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Great South


Création d’un site web pour la plus grande coopérative vinicole du grand sud de la France et valorisation d’une gamme de plus de 60 vins à destination de l’export. Le site est soutenu par un film de prestige et décliné en brochure.

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Farmers Inc.


Nouvelle identité visuelle des salons Pari Fermier calibrée sur cinq ans d’exploitation à travers 25 affiches originales déclinées en autant de flyers et d’invitations. Un dossier corporate et un communiqué de presse complètent le dispositif.

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